Meet Sadie King – HRO Office Manager

Meet Sadie King – HRO Office Manager

We are so excited to welcome Sadie Grossbaum-King and her baby girl Moxie to the Helfrich Family!  Some of you may already know Sadie or her fiancé Blake King; you may have floated with them on the Middle Fork or spoken with Sadie over the phone or email.  Blake has been the lead sweep boat driver for HRO the past few years on the Middle Fork and is a loved and valued part of our team.  Sadie joined the Middle Fork crew in 2022 and was an instant hit with both guests and guides.

Blake and Sadie have worked together in the backcountry for many years, both on the water doing float trips, and in the mountains working for hunting outfitters in the fall and winter. Their love and passion for the outdoors and guiding makes them an amazing duo and a wonderful part to our team.

Sadie spent much of the summer in 2022 guiding Helfrich trips, but that wasn’t her only job.  Sadie was also growing a new little person as well. In August, Sadie made the transition from river guide to office manager here at HRO.  With her knowledge of the industry and great people skills, Sadie is a natural in the office and took to the task with ease.

Last Halloween, while many were transforming into fictional characters, Blake and Sadie made the real world transformation into parenthood when they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Moxie Mae King, into the world.  It has been wonderful to watch these two take to being parents with the same dedication and ease as we have seen in their other passions in life.  Not much can pull a devoted guide off the water and into the office but starting a family sure can.  Being the office manager at HRO allows Sadie to stay connected to the river world that she loves while also dedicating her time to being a mom.  We will miss her on the Middle Fork trips but are excited for this new chapter of her life.

Being a family owned and operated business, we strive to make our Helfrich Outfitters operation as family friendly as possible for our team. Watching our guides grow and start families is very rewarding and now more than ever, we have quite a few river babies (guides in training) running and crawling around the boat house and office.  It is awesome!

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