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5Duration: Day Trips

RiverMcKenzie River

Boat Options: McKenzie River Drift Boats

     Drift Boat Fishing: $550/Boat – 2 People Per Boat
     Upper River Drift Boat Fishing: $550/Person – 1

Person Per Boat (Advanced Fisherman Only)
Prices Include a Full Riverside Lunch


Trip Highlights

One-day or multiple consecutive day trips on this cold, clear, cascading stream.

Ride down the McKenzie in style in our classic McKenzie River style drift boats. This is the birthplace of these legendary boats.

Fly fishing for native and hatchery rainbow trout.


The McKenzie pours directly out of the Three Sisters Wilderness in the Cascade Mountains. 

Located just east of Eugene, Oregon, the McKenzie River is a lively, crystal clear mountain stream that flows out of the Cascade Mountains. Stretching through lush, old growth and bright, new growth forests, the McKenzie is legendary for its breathtaking scenery and top-notch fly-fishing opportunities. This river is the perfect place to go fishing for anglers of any skill level, from beginner to veteran. Spend your day with Helfrich River Outfitters in front of a deluxe McKenzie River Drift Boat and experience what has made this locale so famous in comfort and style.

Your guide’s knowledge of casting and entomology will enhance your ability to catch more fish, while their familiarity with the river will put you at ease. Trips are available any time, from April through October, every year. Each drift boat will be fully stocked with all the necessary fishing and safety gear.

The McKenzie River is renowned for its amazing blue waters, verdant green surroundings and fun fishing for Rainbow Trout. One of the largest spring-fed rivers in the world, the McKenzie receives a constant flow of fresh water from underground aquifers full of cold clear rain and snowmelt. It is the purity of the water and the fertile green river banks which make this river such a premier home for trout.

Join us on the McKenzie for a day of fishing or, even better, a few days in a row. Each boat holds two guests and your guide along with all the requisite equipment for a successful day on the water. Access to the river is simple with boat launches conveniently located along the entire stretch. Each trip is tailored to your unique skill level and desired experience. Your guide will determine the best segment of the river for you given these factors, as well as current fishing conditions and where you are traveling from.

The McKenzie River is a great place to fish for trout, especially from one of our aptly named McKenzie River Drift Boats. The drift boat was originally designed along the McKenzie River to be a perfect fit to the type of fishing and whitewater you’ll find on this river. These drift boats are the ‘Cadillacs’ of the river offering a comfortable and mostly dry ride, while also providing a stable platform to catch fish from. No need to wade, these boats are very maneuverable and tailor-made to access the best fishing spots. Each section of the McKenzie has a slightly different type of beauty to offer, with varying elevation drop and increasing volume of water as you move down stream. The entire river, from top to bottom, offers the awe-inspiring green beauty of Douglas Firs, Western Red Cedars, Maples and Alders, intermixed with wild flowers and other forest plants.
Groups of any size can be accommodated in several boats, meeting up for lunch complete with a fish fry along the riverbank. The riverside lunch provides the perfect opportunity to relax and exchange stories of the mornings catch.

If you are an expert fisherman and are looking for an all dry-fly fishing experience, you may also be interested in a Helfrich River Trip on the Upper McKenzie River. These trips are limited to one guest per boat due to the more technical fishing and whitewater. This trip is the ultimate challenge for dry-fly fisherman, picking small pockets of water with precision casting in search of all native rainbow trout. This section of the McKenzie is a fly fishing only, wild, catch and release fishery.

River Accommodations

Riverside Lunch

During your trip on the McKenzie you will enjoy a nice relaxing lunch on the riverbank. Each lunch site is set up with comfortable chairs for you to relax in while watching the river flow by. Drink coolers with cold drinks are available in each boat and at lunch. Guests are encouraged to bring any preferred beverages and snacks with them. We offer every group the opportunity to experience fresh cooked trout, caught by you that morning. Riverside lunches include a fish fry, salads, and other choice items. When you book your trip, please notify what you wish to have for lunch and if there are any dietary concerns.

Beyond the Banks

Recommended Accommodations:

Eagle Rock Lodge: (541) 822-3630

Wayfarer Resort: (541) 896-3613

McKenzie River Cottages: (541) 822-3715

Inn at the Bridge: (541) 822-6006

Many of our guests will coordinate their fishing trip with other activities like golfing at Tokatee Golf Course, hiking the McKenzie River Trail, sightseeing along the Old McKenzie Pass or soaking in one of the many geothermal mineral hot springs.

Dates & Prices

One Day Trips

McKenzie Trips Run Dailey From April through October Each Year
If you are interested in spending multiple days on the water or combining fishing and rafting for your vacation we are happy to accommodate you. We have a great crew of guides available throughout the entire season.

Drift Boat Fishing:
$500/Boat – 2 People Per Boat
Upper River Drift Boat Fishing:
$500/Person – 1 Person Per Boat (Advanced Fisherman)
Price Includes Full Riverside Lunch

Lunch for fishing trips includes a riverside fish fry of the morning’s catch along with a salad, snacks, cookies, etc. If you choose to not eat fish, the lunch will include an alternative main dish.
Special diets and food allergies can be accommodated with prior notice.

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