Boat Types

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Boat Types

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Boat Types

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Boat Types

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Drift Boats

 1-2 Guests – The Classiest Ride on the River, a Fisherman’s Dream

Drift Boats were originally designed along the banks of our home river, the McKenzie in Oregon, for the purpose of successfully running whitewater and access for fly-fishing. Drift boats are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the river offering a classy, comfortable, and dry ride down the river.

These boats provide a stable platform with a padded casting brace to fish from along with a padded bench seat and seat backs for comfort. Perfect for the rivers we run, these boats are very maneuverable and tailor-made to access the best fishing spots.  All of our guides either run handcrafted wooden boats or aluminum boats. Wood drift boats are beautiful pieces of artwork while also being a warmer and quieter ride.

Fishing Rafts

 1-2 Guests – Perfect Low Water Fishing Craft

Our specialized fishing rafts provide a great alternative to the drift boats for fishing. Especially great for lower and higher water conditions, these rafts are very comfortable and maneuverable, allowing fishermen to access all of the best spots. Fishing out of these boats also allows our guests to fish from both the front and back of the boat and gives both anglers more fishing time to fish at the same time from the boat. These boats are used on all of our September Middle Fork trips along with some of the summer trips. These boats can be requested for summer trips as well.

Paddle Rafts

 4-8 Guests – Be a Part of a Team

Paddle Rafts are a fun and exciting way to experience the river. In these boats, each person gets to participate in navigating the boat downstream in the direction of a guide. With a paddle in hand, guests work together as a team to propel and maneuver the boat down the river.

Each paddle raft can accommodate 4-8 guests and one guide. Especially popular on hot summer days, paddle rafts take on the fun waves and provide an exhilarating ride through the white.

Oar Rafts

2-4 Guests – The Lounging Boat – sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

Oar Rafts are known for their relaxing ride down the river. With a comfortable, couch-like seat in the front of these large rafts, guests get to sit back and enjoy the ride. The large size of the oar rafts allows for a smooth and stable ride downriver.

While still providing excitement through the whitewater. Boats can be set up to comfortably accommodate up to six guests. The oar rafts are a perfect ride for enjoying the scenery and checking out the unique places throughout the river canyon. The rafts make more frequent stops at the Native American historical sights, hot springs, waterfalls, and fun hiking opportunities.

Inflatable Kayaks

1-2 Guests – Take on the Whitewater in Your Own Boat

IKs are a great way to experience the river and take on the whitewater on your own. Each are set up as one or two person vessels where you sit level with the water and maneuvering the boat with a kayak paddle. The inflatable kayakers follow the lead of the rafts down the river and learn how to maneuver the kayaks through the rapids. These kayaks provide a fun opportunity to challenge yourself and test your paddling skills!

Sweep Boat

Baggage Boat – Used on Middle Fork Salmon & Main Salmon Cast & Blast to haul equipment, luggage & food between camps.

The sweep boat, also known as a pontoon boat, is a 24 foot long boat run with long sweep blades that are located out the front and back of the boat. The captain of the sweep boat stands in the middle of the boat and maneuvers it, using the momentum of the current to guide the boat through the whitewater. The sweep boat driver and the swamper, two of the crew members, will ride the sweep boat each day and go ahead of the group to set up camp. When you arrive in camp, these two will have all of the equipment set up and waiting for your arrival including tents, cots, tables, restrooms, shower, etc.

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