5 Reasons Why “Non-Campers” Love Helfrich Camping Trips

5 Reasons Why “Non-Campers” Love Helfrich Camping Trips

“As outfitters, we encounter a lot of potential river guests who want to experience these amazing wild places but are worried about spending a week camping in the wilderness.  The best is when these people bite the bullet and decide to go anyways.  Without fail, by the end of the the trip you hear reactions like “Wow, turns out I do like camping! This kind of camping at least!”  Our goal as your outfitter is to make your wilderness experience as comfortable and enjoyable as we can.  With the accommodations, equipment and meals we provide, we have all of the pieces in place to meet and exceed your expectations.”

– Kelsey Helfrich, Owner/Outfitter

Frequently Asked Questions About Middle Fork Camping


  • Sleeping Gear: Most guests prefer to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow, but we also offer rental sleeping bags with pillows for a small cleaning fee.
  • Sleeping Outside: Our guides often sleep outside; we encourage you to pull your cot out and do the same!  The stars are AMAZING! 
  • Personal Tents: Generally, we bunk two people per tent, but private arrangements can be made for solo travelers or odd-numbered groups for an additional fee.  Our tents are also large enough to accommodate 3 or 4 guests for families that prefer to sleep in the same tent together. 
  • Accommodations for Tall Guests:  We offer extra long and wide cots for our larger stature guests by request. 

Our Food:

  • Special Diets: We can accommodate most dietary needs. We suggest reviewing our menu beforehand and bringing any specific substitute items you may need.
  • Picky Eaters: Each of our meals have multiple options for guests to choose from and our guides are great about accommodating requests.

The Shower:

  • Soap in the River: To help protect and maintain our pristine ecosystem, soap is not permitted in the river, sidestreams, hot springs or anywhere near the water.  Our shower offers guests the opportunity to stay clean and fresh without negatively impacting the river.
  • How Much Water: Water for the shower is hauled by hand in buckets up from the river, heated on the fire and mixed to the right temperature for you.  We ask that you try to conserve the amount of water you use by turning the shower on and off as needed. 

The Bar and Drinks:

  • What to Bring: We supply a variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but you’re welcome to bring additional preferred drinks. Cans are preferred over bottles for easier disposal.
  • Beverage Service: We offer our guests a beverage service (for a fee) where we will purchase and pack your extra beverages for your trip so that they are ready and waiting for you when you arrive.  

More Frequently Asked Questions: Click Here

Gratitude from the Helfrich Family

Gratitude from the Helfrich Family

Here we are, at the end of another spectacular river season, truly amazed at how quickly the holidays have arrived!  This time of year we try to take things a little slower, appreciate our family and friends and dream up all sorts of ideas to make our future trips even better!

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