I think we can all agree that the world we are living and traveling in now is a bit different than it was a few years ago. Luckily there are still amazing river trips in wild places, and luckily those places don’t look all that different than they did 100 years ago. Well, maybe the food and accommodations have improved just a bit, but you know what we mean.  We all deserve opportunities to disconnect.  Travel is so important to our mental health but recently, pandemics, natural disasters, and more have impacted how we travel and plan our trips. In this dynamic and changing world, it is important to expect the unexpected and protect the investment you have made in your vacations.
In addition to flight delays, family emergencies and issues at work, trips operated in the wilderness always run a higher risk of cancellation due to natural events such as wildfires, water levels, road closures or other conditions beyond our control. Travel insurance can help protect your investment in the event of any one of these unfortunate scenarios. Trip insurance can also provide you with benefits including emergency evacuation, lost luggage coverage and cancellation due to a personal, family, or medical emergency.  Certain policies even provide “cancel for any reason” coverage if you simply decide to not attend the trip.
Travel insurance has become an important part of planning any vacation and your river trip is no exception. Though Helfrich River Outfitters is not licensed to sell trip insurance we recommend you get it!https://www.travelexinsurance.com/index.aspx?location=12-0050&go=bp

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