Many of our clients know and love Kris Belozer; a great guide and amazing boatman that will always keep you smiling with his exceptional sense of humor.  Kris has been a valuable part of the Helfrich River Outfitters Family since 2010.  Known for more than just a few laughs, his dedication to the “Helfrich Way” and his great attitude are remarkable.  Guests love fishing with Kris and guides love working with him.  Kris is the type of leader who leads by example and doesn’t quit until the job is done.  Kris may seem young but he has been in the business a long time. He started his legacy at age 6, helping his dad John, an outfitter on the Deschutes River in Oregon, on trips for Belozer’s Whitewater Fishing. After rowing a gear boat and learning the river, he moved up to a drift boat at age 10. (yes, you read that right, age 10). By the time he tagged along with Helfrich River Outfitters on the Middle Fork at age 19, he was already an accomplished boatman, fisherman, and kayaker. Kris has guided on the Deschutes, Middle Fork of the Salmon, Main Salmon, Rogue, and Owyhee Rivers, in addition to exploring rivers by kayak in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana, California, and South America.There is certainly more to come for Kris and we are so excited to have him as a key part of our team.  Starting this season, Kris will be managing operations for our new set of Middle Fork launches and second crew.  With the help and support of our rockstar guides, Kris will be in charge of the day to day activities on and off the water pertaining to his set of trips. Lucky for us, Kris also comes as a package deal with his awesome wife and adorable little boy.  In 2017 we were ecstatic to welcome his new wife Jordan into our HRO family and recently the couple had their first son, Kolter Finn, who has already been stacking his river resume. Like his father, we expect great things from this little fisherman. With a nod to the next generation, we want to congratulate Kris on his many accomplishments.  His commitment to providing a great experience, his work ethic and unique, lovable character have set him apart over the years.  We’ve watched Kris grow into a truly phenomenal person, father and guide.  We are proud to announce his promotion to Middle Fork Manager and look forward to being a continued part of Kris’ river legacy, career and family for years to come!

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