Raised on the banks of The Deschutes River, Kris Belozer grew up learning about the river from his dad, Jon.  Jon founded Belozer’s Whitewater Fishing in 1984, and began bringing his only son to work with him when he was 2 years old.  With a gear boater as a babysitter, Kris learned the ins and outs of the outfitting business and developed his love for boating and fishing.  He began running a gear raft at only 8 years old, a drift boat when he was 10, and by 18 he was guiding full-time.  When he wasn’t on the river, Kris was also lucky enough to join his dad and grandfather on countless hunting and trapping endeavors.  Whatever the season, you could find him outside exploring nature.

While his love for his home river would never fade, he began exploring other rivers in his kayak when he was in his teens.  His love for kayaking would consume him for much of his young adult life, and would have him chasing waterfalls all over the Northwestern U.S., Canada, and South America.  Kris began working for Helfrich in 2011, taking guests down the Middle Fork, Main Salmon and Rogue Rivers.  Working for Helfrich has not only given him invaluable experience as a fishing guide, but has provided him with many life-long friendships and unforgettable memories.  

In 2017, Kris’ life changed for the better when he married his wife Jordan and they bought their first house together in Maupin, Oregon.  Soon after, they began raising a family and now have two children: Kolter, 5 and Perry, 3.  The family works together to run Belozer’s Whitewater Fishing in the summers, and enjoys fishing and hunting in Oregon and Montana during the rest of the year.  Their most cherished memories are piling in Kris’ drift boat to spend time together fishing and camping on the river, and going hunting as a family.  Perry is showing signs of having a thrill for whitewater like her dad, as she tends to scream “weee!” through every rapid.  Kolter on the other hand loves fishing, and also takes pride in his knife skills that he gets to put on display during hunting season.  

Though Kris feels most at home on the water, he spends his winters guiding bird hunters in Central Oregon.  He’s developed a love for training his dogs and watching them work in the field, and looks forward to his days off so he can chase wild birds around the high desert. 

Kris spends his fall season working on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River with the Helfrich Crew, guiding guests steelhead fishing and introducing them to the wonders of the Rogue Canyon. Between guiding on the Deschutes, the Rogue and guiding bird hunting in eastern Oregon, Kris has developed a successful career of outfitting and guiding while also finding a great balance between work and family.

Kris looks forward to seeing new and returning fishing guests each year, and hopes to see you out on the water!

Read Kris’s Guide Profile and Meet the Rest of the Team: https://www.helfrichoutfitter.com/meet-the-team/

Learn More about Jon and Kris Belozer’s company Belozer’s Whitewater Fishing: https://www.belozerswhitewaterfishing.com/

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