As highlighted in our previous newsletters, our team is comprised of skilled and dynamic guides, each with a unique story we love to share. In this month’s spotlight, we’re excited to highlight Aaron Lieberman to you all.

Aaron juggles his time as the dedicated Executive Director of the Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association (IOGA) with his passion for the river.

Many of you may recognize Aaron from your adventures on the river, where his expertise shines through in every insightful answer he provides. Originating from the confluence of the Rogue and Applegate Rivers in Southwest Oregon, Aaron’s life has been intertwined with the flow of numerous rivers, including the Rogue, Deschutes, and Klamath. With 15 years of guiding under his belt, his heart remains with the rivers and the natural splendor they hold.

In his role at IOGA since 2018, Aaron has been instrumental in advancing and protecting the interests of Idaho’s wilderness and its visitors. We’ve touched on IOGA’s significant contributions in past newsletters, particularly concerning “Lobby Day” and the “Dollars for Outdoors” initiatives. But it’s important to recognize that many challenges faced by Idaho’s outfitting community have been navigated with the support of IOGA. With Aaron at the helm, this association tirelessly advocates for outfitters and guides, dedicating itself to the stewardship and enjoyment of Idaho’s lands and waters.

Aaron’s representation of IOGA involves a steadfast commitment to the industry, focusing on fair regulation, land management, and more. The efforts of Aaron and IOGA play a pivotal role in safeguarding the wild areas we treasure, ensuring access and conservation for both the outfitted and do-it-yourself adventurers.

Over the last six years, Aaron’s role as a guide and an advocate has left an indelible mark on our trips and the broader community. His versatility is unmatched, whether he’s donning swim trunks on the river or a suit at the state capitol to champion topics like wild salmon and steelhead conservation. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Aaron for his exceptional contributions both on the Helfrich Crew and as the trusted leader of our industry!

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