Whitewater Rafting - McKenzie River


Duration: 5 hour trip
Boat options: no limit on number of boats.
     Adults:  $85 each.
Put together a group of 12 or more people and you get to go for free!


Trip Highlights

— One-day or multiple consecutive day trips.

— Experience the exquisite beauty of this clear cascading river and lush forests.

— One of the largest spring-fed rivers in the world, the McKenzie pours directly out of the Three Sisters Wilderness in the Cascade Mountains.

— Whitewater sections for all skill levels.

Rafting on the McKenzie is the perfect activity to make your summer fun and memorable! The McKenzie offers a variety of trips, catering to a range of adventure levels. From exciting to mellow we can customize your trip to fit your group.
Kids rafting trip
Join us in a paddle raft where you can work as a team and help maneuver through the whitewater. Paddle rafts are the best way to experience the rapids. Each boat can accommodate 4-6 guests along with your guide. Each person in the paddle raft can help propel the boat through the whitewater and join in the fun of navigating the raft through the rapids. Younger and older guests can choose not to paddle if they wish.

All of our boats come armed with heavy artillery: squirt guns for anyone looking to water fight! Whether you are defending your vessel or starting a war, water fighting can be a fun part of the activities on a hot river day.

The McKenzie is a true jewel. The majestic blue water of this beautiful river flows through lush green forests of Douglas Firs, Maples, Western Red Cedars, Alders and the mossy thick forests of the western Cascade Mountains. One of the largest spring-fed rivers in the world, the McKenzie receives a continuous flow of fresh rainwater and snowmelt from underground aquifers. As you float down this magnificent river you will experience views of snow-capped mountains, historical covered bridges, abundant birdlife and beautiful waterfalls. The attributes of this river have been drawing visitors to its waters for 200 years. As you float your guides will tell you intriguing stories of river history and lore. Our guides are all highly trained and well versed on the river, area history and everything the McKenzie has to offer.

The central location of the McKenzie, just off of highway 126, makes it an easy drive from anywhere in the Valley or Central Oregon.

River Accommodations

Lunch for your group can be provided for an additional fee. Please contact us for more information on lunch options and prices.

Eagle Rock Lodge: (541) 822-3630

Wayfarer Resort: (541) 896-3613

McKenzie River Cottages: (541) 822-3715

Inn at the Bridge: (541) 822-6006

Each high quality whitewater raft is equipped with all the necessary gear to make your day on the river great. Safety equipment, including lifejackets, is provided for guests. If there are small children or anyone under 90 pounds, please notify us prior to your trip so we can supply appropriately fitted jackets. Each raft will be equipped with a cooler with drinks along with a small waterproof bag to keep your stuff dry while you’re on the water.

Many of our guests will coordinate their fishing trip with other activities like golfing at Tokatee Golf Course, hiking the McKenzie River Trail, sightseeing along the Old McKenzie Pass or soaking in one of the many geothermal mineral hot springs. If you are feeling more adventurous, we can take you on a full or half day rafting trip with your friends and family. For more information on rafting you can visit our McKenzie Rafting page on this website.

Beyond the Banks

The McKenzie River Valley has so many great things to offer, activities and lodging included. There are a variety of lodges located along the river for anyone who is interested in spending a couple of days in the area. Multi-day rafting and/or fishing trips can be coordinated to accommodate your group with a night stay at one of these great lodges.

Dates & Prices ’17

All of our trips are customized just for you. Prices may vary based upon the trip that you choose.

FULL DAY RAFTING TRIP (5 hour trip): Adults: $85 each.

All raft trips have a four-person minimum. Each boat can accommodate 4-8 guests with no limit on number of boats.
Lunch is not included in the price. Waters and sodas in a cooler are available on the boat throughout the day. You may choose to bring your own lunch or we can provide a sack lunch for you for $10 per person Please contact us for information on lunch options.

Ask us about our group deals!
Put together a group of 12 or more people and you get to go for free!

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