Dave Helfrich

Dave is an icon in the boating world. A drift boat guide and outfitter in the Northwest since 1947 and still going strong. Dave retired from outfitting when he sold his company to his son Ken however he has continued as a guide ever since. Dave is a second generation outfitter and guide of the Helfrich Family on many rivers such as the Middle Fork of the Salmon, Rogue River, McKenzie River and many more. He is an amazing boatman and is truly at home on the oars.

With his memory and boating skills as sharp as ever, having Dave on a trip creates a special and valuable learning experience for guides and guests alike. When he isn’t on the river, Dave spends his time trap shooting, traveling, bee keeping and spending time with the love of his life, Terry.

Dave still runs at least one trip per season on the Middle Fork of the Salmon and the Rogue River and is still guiding on the McKenzie on a regular basis.

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