Whitewater Rafting & Camping Trips

Helfrich River Outfitters Inc


Duration: 3 or 4 Days Camping Trip
Destination: Rogue River Whitewater Rafting
Boat options: Paddle rafts, Oar rafts, Drift boats
     3-Day Rafting & Camping: $1250/Person
     4-Day Rafting & Camping: $1400/person
Additional required $10/person/day Use Fee charged by the BLM in addition to federal use fee of 3% the overall trip cost. (2% for lodging trips & 3% for camping trips).

Trip Highlights

– Three and four-day whitewater rafting excursions through Wild and Scenic river corridor.


– One of the Pacific Northwest’s most spectacular river experiences.


– Experience the breathtaking scenery as you float through the lush coastal Siskiyou Mountain Range.




“Floating the Wild and Scenic Section of the Rogue River with Helfrich River Outfitters is a magical experience that’s good for your soul.”

The beautiful green waters of the Rogue have carved out a magnificent canyon through the coastal mountains in Southern Oregon. Sheer black basalt canyon walls restrict the waters of the river to create fun and thrilling drops and rapids such as “Windy Creek Chutes”, “Black Bar Falls”, “Coffee Pot”, “Wildcat”, and more. Between these exhilarating rapids the river spreads out and slows down, allowing for great opportunities to swim and play, water fight and enjoy your surroundings. The Rogue originates from the snowmelt around Crater Lake in the Cascade Mountains. As it flows and carves its way through the coastal mountains and out to the ocean, it passes through one of Oregon’s protected Wild and Scenic River Corridors. Our expert guides will lead you on a journey through this historically rich river canyon. This trip starts roughly 30 miles west of Grants Pass, Oregon and ends near Agness, Oregon. The pool and drop character of the Rogue offers everything from splashing falls to quiet riffles as we pass though areas of lush vegetation and vertical rock walled canyons.

On this trip you will float 36 miles in 3 days through the designated Wild and Scenic byway of protected natural land. We will customize your trip for you and set up your group with the types of boats you prefer. This trip can be run as an all-rafting trip, or we can offer you the option of fishing for Steelhead from drift boats. Many customers prefer to do a combination trip of rafting and fishing, where each day customers alternate between the two activities. With the warmer water on the Rogue, a paddle raft and inflatable kayaks are very popular options.The paddle rafts are a fun opportunity to work as a team and maneuver the boat through the rapids. For a more independent experience, jump in an inflatable kayak for a while and take on the rapids in your own boat while you follow the rafts downstream. For your trip accommodations you can choose to camp in our deluxe riverside camps or, for an additional fee, you may choose to stay in the wilderness lodges located throughout the canyon.

The hillsides throughout the canyon are blanketed with Madrones, Douglas Firs, Maples and many other forest species. This healthy ecosystem provides the perfect setting for the abundant wildlife that call the canyon home. Along your trip you can expect to see black bears, blacktail deer, otter, mink, osprey, turkeys, eagles, ducks, geese, and more. The Rogue was one of the first protected “Wild and Scenic” rivers in the country. This protection has limited access to the canyon for generations and helped to preserve this healthy and wild landscape for you to experience and learn from.

Rogue River Accommodations

For your rafting trip on the Rogue, your group can choose to either camp in our deluxe riverside camps or stay in the wilderness lodges that are located along the river.

Delicious Meals

Throughout the trip, guests enjoy a wonderful selection of breakfast and dinner foods at the lodges. The first night of the trip, the guides prepare a fresh dinner of bbq meats and dutch oven cuisine.  The second and third night, the lodge staff serves up delicious meals with lots of great options to choose from.

Riverside Camping

Our riverside camps are set up for your comfort with tents, cots, air mattresses, dining tables and chairs. A portable toilet and a washing facility will also be available at each camp. One tent is set up for every two guests. However, during the summer, many guests choose to sleep on their cot under the stars. After an exciting day on the water you will arrive at camp where you can relax, read a book, fish, go for a hike, or play games while your guides prepare a gourmet meal of barbeque and Dutch Oven cuisine. In the morning you will wake to hot coffee or tea as your guides prepare a hardy breakfast full of proteins and fresh fruits. Camping allows you and your group the opportunity to sit along the river in the evening and enjoy the beautiful canyon as the sun sets and a multitude of bright and twinkling stars make their nightly appearance.

Riverside Lunches

For lunch each day you can expect a delicious hot lunch prepared by your guides on the banks of the river.  Lunches like bacon cheese burgers and grilled sandwiches with soup are alternated with cooking up your fresh fish caught that morning and served with fresh salads and lots of other great options.

Beyond the Banks

The Rogue River canyon is full of rich history dating back to Native American tribes, then gold miners. All of our guides are all highly trained in Rogue River history and stories, and love sharing them with those who are interested.

Add a Special Twist to Your Trip!

You have the option to add a special upgrade to your trip if your group so desires. For an extra fee you can add one of the following packages to your trip on the Rogue River. Please request trip upgrades prior to your trip. Contact us for prices and group size requirements.


Hiking along the Rogue River has become very popular. The Rogue River Trail is very well maintained and parallels the river along the entire stretch that we float. Hiking in the mornings from camp is a fun way to get you moving and ready for the day. You can choose to hike as much or as little as you like. If you are interested in hiking the entire river trail we would be happy to accommodate you by hauling your bags for you, preparing all of the food and refilling your water throughout the day.

Dutch oven Cooking Classes Package

Do you love the Dutch oven food served on the river and wish you could learn to prepare it on your own? This is the perfect opportunity to be taught by the masters! Each evening you will learn the recipes and techniques of a wide selection of Dutch oven cuisine. For each dish, you will be walked step by step in preparing and cooking with hot coals until it is done to perfection. You can choose to study and participate as much or as little as you like.

Recipes range from main dishes like baked macaroni and cheese or chicken enchiladas, to fresh baked breads, side dishes and deserts. Join the crew in our deluxe riverside kitchen, have a blast, and float away with new knowledge that friends and family members will drool over!

Beers of the Northwest Sampling Package

The Northwest is known for its amazing breweries and palate pleasing microbrews. There are two packages available for guests interested in beer sampling. With the smaller of the two, you can choose to have a selection of local microbrews provided to drink on the trip. For larger groups interested in a beer-sampling package, we can invite a beer expert from one of the local breweries to accompany us, along with a keg and tap set-up, and multiple beer options for sampling.

Wine and Cheese Package

With the wine and cheese package, your trip will be spiced up with a selection of delectable wines from around the Northwest. Each night, different wine will be opened and served with complimentary cheeses and fruits, and paired with the dinner menu for the evening. Requests can be accommodated for preferred varietals and blends.

Dates & Prices

Rogue River Whitewater Rafting – 3 or 4 Days Camp
3-Day Rafting & Camping  $1250/Person

4-Day Rafting & Camping  $1400/person

Additional required $10/person/day Use Fee charged by the BLM in addition to federal use fee of 3% the overall trip cost
Trip Dates: (Annual dates may slightly vary)

August 25 (3 or 4 Day)
August 29 (3 or 4 Day)
September 3-6 (4 Day Lodge Trip)

Trips are all customized to suit each group. Prices on trips vary depending on accommodation choices and boat types your group chooses.

Boat Choices: Paddle Rafts can accommodate 6 people per boat. Oar rafts can accommodate 1-4 people per boat. Drift boats available for additional fee. Please contact us for more information on customizing your trip.