Whitewater Rafting & Beach Vacation

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Whitewater Rafting & Beach Vacation

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc


Duration: 4 or 5 Day Trips
Boat options: Main Salmon Whitewater Rafting
     4-Day Whitewater Rafting: Contact us for Pricing!
     5-Day Whitewater Rafting: Contact us for Pricing!

Trip Highlights

– Four and Five-day whitewater rafting trips

– Summertime warm water conditions allows for enjoyable rollercoaster rapids and endless swimming opportunities.

– Expansive white sand beaches! Like a beach vacation with rafting!

– Breathtaking canyon views throughout protected river corridor

Ready for a beach vacation?

Warm sunny weather and 70 degree water creates a white-sand beach paradise with plenty of summer fun and lots of swimming opportunities along the Main Salmon River in Kayaking Main Salmon River Idaho beautiful Northern Idaho. A day on your rafting trip with Helfrich River Outfitters will be filled with roller-coaster rapids, historic stories from the canyon, great side hikes and even the occasional water fight to cool off.

Our job as your guides is to make your experience on the river as satisfying and memorable as we can. The warmer water temperatures of the Main Salmon River canyon section make this wonderful family rafting trip especially popular. The swimming, water games, beautiful long sand beaches and even beach volleyball games will incomparably enrich your boating experience. Stocked drink coolers are provided in each boat and can be accessed throughout the day. Riverside lunches are complete with a spread of sandwiches, salads and various sides.

The beautiful setting of this desert river canyon is breathtaking. The Main Salmon River has carved its way deep into the earth, exposing colorful layers of rock along the canyon walls. As you float you will experience green canyons, blue canyons, and black canyons merging together. This river oasis cutting through the deserts of northern Idaho makes for a wonderful setting for a relaxing, yet vibrant vacation.

Our family trips offer exciting whitewater with roller coaster rapids as well as relaxing flat stretches of water over the course of 73 river miles. Our guests may choose to travel in a paddle raft, an oar-powered raft or navigate an individual inflatable kayak. The level of adventure is up to you! Lower Main Salmon River campsites are scenic and spacious, set up on pristine beaches by our crew in advance of your arrival each evening.

The crew will set up the camp and tents for you, giving you time to relax, swim, pan for gold, or just enjoy each other’s company. Our guides prepare all of your meals, baking in large Dutch Ovens and barbecue cooking over open coals. River menus feature western fare and provide a variety of meats, fresh breads, fruits and vegetables.
 Special diets and food allergies will be accommodated with prior notice.

The Lower Main Salmon is an ideal venue for a family trip, providing each person the opportunity to experience the “great outdoors.” Our professional guides are dedicated to helping each guest take full advantage of this amazing journey.

These trips on the Main Salmon are also known for the smallmouth bass fishing. We are happy to accommodate your interest in fishing by adding fishing boats to the trip for an extra fee.


When guests arrive in camp they can pick a tent, grab a cold drink, munch on appetizers, relax and enjoy activities around camp. Each trip is focused on the customer’s interests and guides are available to lead activities by request. The afternoons and evenings provide plenty of time for additional fishing, swimming, hiking, artifact hunting, photography, playing games, soaking in hot springs, reading a good book with toes in the water or just relaxing and watching the river float by.

Beyond the Banks

The warm weather in the northern region of Idaho tends to keep visitors close to the water during the day. Mornings and evenings are a perfect time to explore the areas around camp, pan for gold, and look for artifacts. There is an immense amount of Native American history in the canyon, still evident by the occasional pictograph or arrowhead.

Dates & Prices


Main Salmon Whitewater Rafting – 4 or 5 Day Trips

4-Day Whitewater Rafting: Contact us for Pricing!
5-Day Whitewater Rafting: Contact us for Pricing!

Trip Dates: (Dates may slightly vary) — Trip dates can be customizable.
July 29-Aug 1
August 3-6
August 8-11
August 13-16
August 18-22

Alternative dates available throughout July, August & September.
The minimum group size is 8 people on each trip. Trips may be available for smaller parties to be combined with other groups.