Disconnect From Technology, Reconnect with Family and Friends!

Do you ever wish you could just unplug from the world and enjoy some quality time with your kids or grandkids without all the distractions of cell phones and video games?

A river trip provides the perfect opportunity to do just that! As Kelsey’s mom and den mom to my river family, it’s been a delight to join river trips and watch families from a mom’s point of view. I enjoy watching the relationships between the kids, parents and grandparents evolve over the course of their river trip.
The magic of the river works it’s magic on even the strongest bonds within families. Sharing new experiences, great thrills, real relaxation and pure fun, brings people together and creates lifelong memories.
There is nothing like being on an incredibly beautiful river with the ones you love, sharing the outdoors while rafting, fishing, hiking, soaking in the hot springs and sharing stories around the campfire. It is so nice to see everyone together, sitting down at our big riverside dinner table to enjoy a delicious family dinner and share stories from the day’s adventures.
Yes, I have seen kids show up for a river trip with their ipods and ear buds, rolling their eyes at their parents and thinking “this is going to be so boring”; but I have never seen that attitude last over the course of the river trip. By the end of the trip they are different kids (in a good way) laughing and sharing stories of the things they have learned about the
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