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Meet the Team that Makes Helfrich River Outfitters the Best in the Northwest!

Kevin Hawkins

What started as a summer job in 2004 has turned into a great year-round profession.  As a full time guide for HRO, I run trips on the Helfrich Crew in both Oregon and Idaho for their entire season and I fill in the rest of the year guiding for myself and other hunting outfitters as well.  I start out my season running one-day fishing trips on the McKenzie River in Oregon before heading to Idaho for the summer.  I work in Idaho on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River as a drift boat fishing guide Read More

Gary Williams

Ever since I caught my first trout at the age of 5, I have loved fishing.  I was born and raised in Oregon and I have lived in Eugene all but 6 months of my life. I bought my first drift boat when I was a senior in high school and soon after began guiding. After high school I attended the University of Oregon and lettered 3 years in track while I was there.  Running alongside Steve Prefontane through college, I got 3rd place in PAC steeplechase with best showing.  After collegeRead More

Galen Jarvis

I am proud to have been born and raised here in Idaho! Born in Salmon, I’ve been fly fishing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon since the age of 10. My favorite part of any Helfrich trip is when I am able to guide someone into their first fish on a dry fly!  I began working on the Middle Fork with the Helfrich crew at the age of 15 as a swamper for Dave Helfrich. After a short time, I graduated to becoming a fly fishing guide in my own drift boat.  My love of this work led me Read More

Andrew Greiner

My name is Andrew Greiner.  I was born and raised in Oregon and went to school at the University of Montana.  After college I moved into my career of guiding and now call Salmon, Idaho my home.  I originally started working in the backcountry of the Frank Church Wilderness, packing and guiding hunts for several years before I started boating commercially.  It only took one trip down the Middle Fork and I was hooked and have been running full seasons ever since.  Read More

George Butts

I was born and raised in Challis Idaho, and was fortunate to grow up in a family that enjoys the outdoors. My parents started taking all of us rugrats floating on rivers at an early age.  We all loved being on the water.  When my oldest brother got old enough, he got a summer job on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River.  He first took me along on a trip in the summer of 1998 and I enjoyed it so much I had to keep coming back. With a little luck, I eventually graduated high school and enrolled at Boise State University where I got my degree in economics. I later got a job on the Helfrich Crew, working with Ken, Kelsey, and Kidd, running multiple rivers throughout the west and driving the sweep boat on the Middle Fork.


Mike Boyd

I knew I wanted to be a guide at an early age. I was fortunate to get a start when Rough Country Outfitters in Wyoming took a chance on a very eager, very green Pennsylvania kid. So off I went in 1990, packing horses and guiding fishing and big game hunts in the wilds of Wyoming.

After 7 seasons in Wyoming the lore of steelhead got the best of me and off to the Pacific Northwest I went. We had steelhead in the Great Lakes, which where almost the demise of my college career as I spent more time in waders with a fly rod than in class. But, I always wanted to catch the real deal. Oregon it was. I started guiding the Deschutes in ’98. Read More


John Morton

I grew up fly fishing and boating the high desert rivers of Central Oregon. From my hometown of Sisters, I spent my early years honing my skills on the Metolius, Deschutes, Crooked and McKenzie rivers with dreams of guiding for a living.  That dream finally came to fruition when I began guiding in 2012.  I have taken many different paths in life, from ranching, to becoming a metal fabricator, to getting my pilots license, and have always returned to working on the river as my primary passion and drive. My favorite part of Read More

Tim Gunderson

I often say that I have the perfect life. I spend much of my year teaching mathematics and geology to high school and junior college students. But when summer hits, I can usually be found on a river.

I grew up camping, boating, and fishing the lakes of Minnesota. My parents instilled a love of all things outdoors in me and my two brothers. Annual vacations out west only enhanced my love of mountains and rivers and in 1983 I followed that love of the west to my new hometown Read More

Logan Warren

I grew up in a river outfitting family in Salmon, ID, spending most of my summers floating the local rivers with my parents Dave and Thyra Warren and my little sister Tegan.  My parents owned a whitewater rafting company called Warren River Expeditions with two permits on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon rivers.  As an outfitters kid, you get put to work, helping out around the shop and on the river at a very young age.  Lucky for me it also gave me the opportunity to grow up on the water and tagging along on lots of river trips.  After high school Read More

John Payne

Hey I’m Jon Payne, or better known as ‘JP’. I grew up in Olympia, Washington and currently reside in Eugene, Oregon.  I learned to fish as soon as I was able to hold a pole. Tying fishing line to a favorite stick was my first rod. Growing up on Puget Sound allowed me to fish whenever I wanted. Prowling streams on the Olympic Peninsula was a favorite activity growing up, as was leaning to row a drift boat. As I got older, the Drift boat became a tool to get down river and to fish out of. After moving to Eugene in 1997 the drift boat became a toy to play on the McKenzie River.  After 17 years in the Read More

Ty Holloway

I grew up boating and fishing the McKenzie River with my family, and quickly developed a passion for rivers and fish. I went off to Montana for college and began my guiding career in West Yellowstone where I worked for two seasons.  Guiding in Montana grew my appreciation for the rivers and fishing that I had left in Oregon.  The uncrowded rivers of Oregon and the diversity of the fishing soon brought me back to the Eugene area.  I began guiding with the expectation of being able to fish every day, but I quickly learned that the customers and the relationships developed is what guiding is really about.  Read More

Dan Bentsen

I have been fishing since I was just a little kid.  I grew up in the Eugene-Springfield are in western Oregon and have always enjoyed targeting various species of fish and other aquatic life.  As a kid, I got started fishing and hunting for bass, bullfrogs, carp, turtles and muscrats.  A little later I started learning how to fish for trout, salmon, steelhead and stripped bass.  Many of my childhood days were spent learning more about the various species, tying flies and trying all sorts of techniques.  It still seems like just a few years ago. I turned my love of fishing into a career in 1982 at the age of 32 Read More

Sena Strange

I began river guiding in 2010 and am thoroughly hooked. I now spend over half my year working in the Frank Church Wilderness of Idaho. I guide on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in the summer and work for hunting outfitters through the fall in the high country bordering our river. I spend my winters snowmobiling and snowboarding in remote terrain throughout Idaho and Montana.

Shane Moser

A native Idahoan, I was born and raised a wheat and garbanzo farmer in the Palouse region of Northern Idaho. Wintering in Pocatello, and basing out of Salmon, Idaho during guiding season, I guide a number of original Wild and Scenic Rivers in the West’s greatest wilderness areas, and have been guiding for the Helfrich family on the Middle Fork since 2009.  I am licensed for the Middle Fork, Main Salmon, and Lower Main Salmon stretches, the Selway and Lochsa of North-central Idaho, Snake River through Hell’s Canyon, Middle and South Forks of the Flathead in Glacier Country, as well as the Upper and Lower Owyhee, Read More

Doug Caven

I am a second generation river guide and I have been fishing the McKenzie since 1962. I grew up fishing the McKenzie with my father. Dad guided on the McKenzie right after World War II, working for Prince Helfrich. Protecting our rivers and promoting our local guides has always been important to me.  I have been a member of the McKenzie River Guides Association for over twenty years and am the past president of the association.  This is the oldest guides association in the country. I love do volunteer guide trips and have become the unofficial charity fishing trip coordinator for the Guides Association. Read More

Jim Juza

The first time I made money in my drift boat I was 13 years old. That was August of 1965.  I don’t remember what I was paid, but day wages for guides was in the $35-45 range at the time. I think I got about half of that.  I got my first Oregon guides license on my 18th birthday Sept. 16, 1969. A fellow from ODFW came to our house and gave me an oral exam. The only thing I remember about that test was trying to name the fins on a fish. Knowing how to row a boat did not seem to be important.  I first worked for Dave Helfrich in the boys Read More

Jim Straight

Hi, my name is Jim Staight. I started guiding in 1980, and I have been a full time fishing guide every year since.  I have guided on many rivers including the Middle Fork of the Salmon and the Rogue River with my primary focus now being on McKenzie River fly fishing day trips.  I live in Springfield, Oregon near the McKenzie River. I love being a fishing guide and feel lucky to do it for a living.  I take great pride in coaching and teaching clients to learn the art of dry fly fishing. It is very rewarding!

Kris Belozer

Many of our clients know and love Kris Belozer; a great guide and amazing boatman that will always keep you smiling with his exceptional sense of humor.  Kris has been a valuable part of the Helfrich River Outfitters Family since 2010.  Known for more than just a few laughs, his dedication to the “Helfrich Way” and his great attitude are remarkable.  Guests love fishing with Kris and guides love working with him.  Kris is the type of leader who leads by example and doesn’t quit until the job is done.  Kris may seem young Read More

Mel Frogh

When I went on my first multi-day river trip at age 13, I was immediately addicted to the river way of life.  There’s just nothing better than spending days floating down a river with canyon walls hovering above and nights sleeping in the fresh air under the stars.  Experiences like this filled my childhood because my parents wanted to spread their love for the outdoors to my brother and I. Read More

Ryan Helfrich

I am a 4th generation Helfrich.  I’m lucky enough to have grown up into a family with a rich history of boating and fishing.  It is safe to say fishing runs in my blood.  Currently, I reside along the banks of the Mckenzie River in Springfield Oregon.  While the Mckenzie is my home river, I spend lots of time guiding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, the Rogue River, and the John Day.  Read More

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