Girls Rocking The River

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Pricing for this trip can be found on the YMCA website at:

Trip Highlights

Expanding lives, one raft trip at a time!

Girls Rockin the RiverIn 2014 we ran our first annual Girls Rockin’ the River summer camp on the Main Salmon River. What an amazing experience! This leadership based expedition for young women is done in partnership with the YMCAand HerRay, a non-profit foundation.

Girls Rockin the River

On this trip, teenage girls spend five days together rafting through the Salmon River Canyon in Idaho and ending on the Snake River on the Washington boarder. Each day offers the girls a unique learning opportunity as they gain knowledge ofwilderness skills, river safety, team building and more. The perfect setting to learn in, the girls are also developing an interest and connection with the breathtaking scenery and diverse ecosystem.

Our professional river guides share their integral knowledge of hydrology, biology and geology in efforts to teach the girls the ins and outs of this dynamic water source, the wildlife, and how to be a steward for this special place. The girls especially enjoyed learning how to cook outdoors with dutch ovens and charcoal, and training to row and guide their own rafts, working together with their peers. The emphasis of this trip is placed on fun, experiential learning, group living skills, and working as a team to build great friends and spectacular memories of a life time. This trip is a huge success thanks to the hard work of our good friend Gretl Galgon along with the energetic YMCA staff and our wonderful river crew. The experience for the staff on the trip was equally rewarding as we get to watch the girls blossom throughout the week and find themselves at home in the wilderness with a new group of forever friends. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

If you know a young lady who would be interested in joining us on the river in the future, more information about the trip can be found on the YMCA website:

We can also put together a trip like this for you and your family! If you would like to set up an educational based vacation for your group please let us know. We are happy to customize a trip to fit any group and any age. Choose from a selection of lessons including: boat safety, river rescue, rope work, outdoor dutch oven & bbq cooking, guide training, and more! Try one or try them all. You can choose to have the lessons for the whole group or let the parents relax while the kids participate in learning disguised as fun. The options are endless, so let us customize a trip just for you!

River Accommodations


Once in camp, you will have time to relax, swim, play games and participate in educational lessons. Camp amenities include tables, chairs, shade/rain shelters, private toilet, cots and 2” Therm-A-Rest sleeping pads. We highly recommend the experience of sleeping on cots under the stars while on your trip. Each evening we serve a hearty buffet of barbeque and Dutch Oven cuisine; complemented with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and deserts. We love getting everyone involved in the camp activities like cooking and serving dinner.

Beyond the Banks

The warm weather in the northern region of Idaho tends to keep visitors close to the water during the day. The water temperature is perfect for swimming and most of our guests love the opportunity to just float along with the boats in the calmer sections of water or in front of camp. Mornings and evenings are a perfect time to explore the areas around camp, pan for gold, and look for artifacts. There is an immense amount of Native American history in the canyon, still evident by the occasional pictograph or arrowhead. We love getting everyone involved in the fun and educational activities like boat rescue exercises, obstacle courses, team-building exercises and outdoor cooking classes.

Dates & Prices


Pricing for this trip can be found on the YMCA website at:

If you would like to set up a trip of your own like this please contact us for pricing options.