Dry Fly Fishing the Middle Fork

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Dry Fly Fishing the Middle Fork

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Dry Fly Fishing the Middle Fork

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Dry Fly Fishing the Middle Fork

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Dry Fly Fishing the Middle Fork

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc

Dry Fly Fishing the Middle Fork

Helfrich River Outfitter Inc


Duration: 6 Day, 5 Night Trips
Destination: cover up to 100 miles of river
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Drift boats and fishing rafts must be booked as double occupancy.




Trip Highlights

– Dry fly fishing for westslope cut throat and rainbow  trout.

– Deluxe camps complete with full size tents, cots, hot showers and family style dining.
– “One of the most magical places on earth!” The breath-taking beauty of the Middle Fork is truly inspiring.
– Ride down the river in style and class in our classic McKenzie River style drift boats.
– 6-day 5-night legendary wilderness float trip.

“One of the most magical places on earth!”

Fishing the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with Helfrich River Outfitters is truly the trip of a lifetime. The river that has it all, the Middle Fork of the Salmon possesses amazing beauty, wonderful fishing, natural hot springs, vast geologic and anthropologic history, and great hiking opportunities. Our six-day, five-night Middle Fork of the Salmon River fishing excursion, guests will experience daily changes in scenery as the river winds its way through granite canyons, dropping three thousand feet in elevation. Each day offers its own unique beauty with the last two days spent in the third deepest canyon in North America, Impassible Canyon. The sheer, white granite walls of this chasm tower overhead as the contrasting sparkling emerald waters of the river tumble along the bottom of its immense walls.

The Middle Fork of the Salmon is renowned for its healthy fishery of native Westslope Cutthroat Trout along with Rainbows and Bull Trout. The first ever catch and release stream in the country, this highly protected river provides a sanctuary for an average of 2,400 fish per mile.The Middle Fork is 100 miles long, running through the largest protected wilderness in the contiguous 48 states. The crystal clear emerald waters of this amazing waterway add an extra twist to the fishing with the ability to see the fish, even deep in the river. The clarity of the water gives the illusion of fish suspended in the water at all levels of each pool. The Middle Fork is the pinnacle of dry-fly-fishing rivers.

Guests ride down the Middle Fork in comfort and style in the front of our custom drift boats. These boats are the ‘Cadillacs’ of the river with comfortable padded seats and seat backs, along with a padded casting brace to keep one balanced while fishing. No need to wade, these boats are very maneuverable and tailor-made to access the very best fishing spots; and our guides know exactly where those spots are. Each drift boat accommodates two guests and one guide. Boats are equipped with all of the necessary fishing rods and tackle, stocked drink cooler and all requisite safety equipment.

Helfrich River Outfitters, Inc. is operated under special use permit with the Salmon-Challis National Forest. Helfrich River Outfitters, Inc.is an equal opportunity provider.

River Accommodations


Camping with Helfrich Outfitters on the Middle Fork is better labeled as ‘Glamping’, or glamorous camping, because of the deluxe accommodations that are provided at every campsite. Upon arriving in camp each afternoon, guests can expect everything to be set up and ready for them to enjoy. Each of our spacious tents accommodates 2 guests with comfortable cots and air pads for sleeping. The site is equipped with dining tables, lounge chairs, a hot shower, warm water wash station, hand washing facilities, a privacy toilet, ice and cocktail table, and a complete kitchen.


When guests arrive in camp they can pick a tent, grab a cold drink, munch on appetizers, relax and enjoy activities around camp. Each trip is focused on the customer’s interests and guides are available to lead activities by request. The afternoons and evenings provide plenty of time for additional fishing, swimming, hiking, artifact hunting, photography, playing games, soaking in hot springs, reading a good book with toes in the water or just relaxing and watching the river float by.


The gourmet food on the Middle Fork makes this trip even more inviting. All meals are prepared in Dutch ovens and on the barbeque over open coals. Fresh baked Dutch oven breads, made from scratch, are prepared each day along with top quality meats and fish. Each meal is sure to please and are all accompanied by plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Duel entree dinners and a wide variety of side dishes provide great options at each meal. If there is any room left in ones stomach after the evening’s premier event, a delightful dessert is sure to follow.

Riverside lunches of freshly made salads, fresh fruits and rich sandwich spreads are prepared each day on a shaded river bank. Lunch stops are a great time to relax in a lounge chair in the shade, go for a swim, lay out for a sun tan, read a good book or explore the surrounding area.

Beyond the Banks

The Middle Fork river canyon offers an abundance of activities and sightseeing opportunities for guests of all ages.
This Trip is All About You! Make Sure You Get to Experience it All!

Hot Springs

The Middle Fork is known for it’s natural hot springs. These hot springs are places where hot water naturally bubbles up from the earth and provides warm pools abundant in minerals. From natural rock pools and hot waterfalls to a handmade wooden tub, each of the five best hot springs along the river is unique and offers a great chance to relax and soak in the hot mineral water. Be sure to experience some or all of these warm relaxing springs during your river trip.


Each day our guests have the chance to experience wonderful activities both on and off the river. Guests who would like to be more physically active will love the abundant hiking opportunities on trails both along the river and away from the river to visit unique sites. Hikes along the river will take you to stunning waterfalls, natural hot springs, native american historical sights and old homesteads.

Many of our guests choose to hike out of camp after breakfast each morning. These morning hikes are the perfect time to get out and experience the river canyon with it’s gorgeous views of the river. While your guides pack up camp and finish dishes, you can hike down river on the established Middle Fork River Trail to a chosen location and your guide will float down and pick you up. Many morning hikes will take you to hot springs, historical sights, pictographs or just a nice hike in the canyon. Mornings are the best time to hike before the sun hits the water and air temperatures get too warm on the sunny slopes. The length of your hikes is up to you. Some guests prefer to only hike a mile or so while other guests choose to hike much more.

We also have short hiking opportunities available throughout the day where we can visit natural and historical sights such as stunning water falls, hot springs, tributary fishing, side canyons, native american camps, pictographs, old mines, caves and lots more. There is also an opportunity to visit an open working ranch called the Flying B. The Flying B offers a fun stop where you can sit and relax in the shade and shop at their little store for things like souvenirs, ice cream or even a cold beer. We try hard to accommodate each guests interests and are happy to make your trip everything you want it to be.

Historical Sights

Well before people began visiting the Middle Fork for recreation, it was home to the Sheepeater Indian tribe and later minors and homesteaders. The Middle Fork of the Salmon no longer has people living along it’s banks however there are still many native american camps and homestead sights still noticeable. During your trip we would love to share these historical sights with you and tell the fun stories that go along with them..

Dates & Prices

Middle Fork Salmon River – 6 Day, 5 Night Trips

Middle Fork Salmon trips are 6 days and 5 nights and cover up to 100 miles of river. Prices are all-inclusive. Each boat is fully equipped with lifejackets and each fishing boat is equip with all necessary fishing rods, tackle and flies. Fishing license is not included in the trip cost. Enjoy the comfort and class of our custom drift boats, fishing rafts and whitewater rafts.

 2021 Rates 

Fly Fishing: Contact us for Pricing!

Rafting: Contact us for Pricing!

Drift boats and fishing rafts must be booked as double occupancy.

– Combination Fishing & Rafting trips available by request and for large groups. Trips are all customizable and groups can design their own trip by choosing the number of fishing and rafting spots on their trip.

Prices are subject to change annually.

Annual Trip Dates:

June 7-11 (5 or 6 days) – Lodging Available

June: 16-21

June 17-22

June 25-30

July 3-8

July 11-16

July 12-27

July 19-24

July 20-25

July 27-Aug 1

July 28-Aug 2

August 4-9

August 5-10

August 12-17

August 13-18

August 20-25

August 21-26

Aug 28- Sep 2

September 5-day trips also available

Lower water levels later in the season require the trip launch location to change. These trips require an additional flight in to a backcountry airstrip.  Water levels are different each year and fly in trips will change annually.  August trips will typically all be fly-in trips. Additional flight costs are not included in trip price. All booking and arrangement details for these flights will be handled for you; it is easy and affordable.

Fishing rafts may be used in place of drift boats on any trips.

– Additional $4/day Recreation Enhancement Act Fee will be charged on all Middle Fork trips.

3% of the company’s adjusted gross revenues are for a land use fee for operating commercially on National Forest Lands.