One of the reasons river trips are so relaxing and rewarding is their ability to take us away from modern technology. There are very few vacations out there where you have no choice but to disconnect and enjoy the place you are with the people around you. However, this lack of technological advancement can be limiting. One of the biggest concerns we discuss with prospective river guests is the accessibility of CPAP machines. A river trip sounds great, but what about being able to breathe, what about being able to sleep? Many CPAP users worry that accessibility to this technology might limit their ability to join one of our trips.

For any of you with those same concerns, we have great news! It is very doable to take a CPAP on the river, and each year newer and better technologies make this additional device easier to accommodate. So, the short answer – YES! We can accommodate a CPAP on any of our river trips! The long answer – there are a few different options to look at depending on which river you are going on and what type of equipment you already have. Whether it is for a Rogue River lodging trip or a Middle Fork of the Salmon camping trip, there are options to accommodate your needs. To learn more, continue reading.

CPAPs on Rogue River Lodge Trips:

We can easily accommodate guests who use a CPAP machine on the Rogue River. Our first-night lodge operates on a generator system that shuts down between 10 pm and 6 am daily, with no exceptions. We have a power pack with a standard 110-amp wall outlet available by request. This option is first-come, first-served, so please let us know early if you will need it. The second and third nights’ lodges will have power and lights available during your entire stay. The lodge on the second night is run on a generator, so power can occasionally be disturbed, but this does not happen often. Our crew can assist you in properly storing and transporting your CPAP machine from lodge to lodge.

CPAPs on Middle Fork of the Salmon River Camping Trips:

Trips on the Middle Fork are camping trips and require a bit more planning ahead of time to ensure that you can relax and not worry about it while on the river. Due to the wide variety of CPAP machines out there and everyone’s specific needs, we ask you to plan to travel with your own battery power and charging capability that will get you through at least five nights on the river. While solar panels are an option, we recommend that you bring enough battery power to not have to rely on recharging mid-trip. We recommend that you start by contacting the manufacturer of your CPAP machine for information about the appropriate battery for your unit.

If you do not have your own battery, there is a company called CPAP Power that we recommend you contact. They rent and sell portable off-grid CPAP battery packs for any machine. You can learn more about them at You can also call the owner, Ron Shaw, at (425) 879-7925; he is a kind and helpful guy. If you choose to use CPAP Power for your river trip needs, you are welcome to have everything shipped to our warehouse so that you do not have to fly with your rented battery packs. We can receive your shipment and give it to you at the trip orientation meeting the night before your trip so that you have time to look everything over before getting on the water. For these rented units, we will provide a hard case for the battery and a small CPAP machine to keep it safe. We are also happy to help ship it back for you at the end of your trip. If you choose this route, we charge a $50 convenience and handling fee.

If you have any questions or would like help getting things coordinated for your next river trip, please give us a call or email, and we can work with you and your CPAP to ensure you have a wonderful river experience.

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