As the fourth generation owner of a family business, I have grown up knowing that family is such a key piece to success and happiness in this life.  Guiding is not the easiest lifestyle but it is so rewarding, especially when you get to share it with those you love.  As guides we work hard to support our families financially and our families all work hard to support us emotionally, allowing us to do what we are passionate about.  Without their love, support and understanding, being a guide while also having a family can feel almost impossible.  Guiding is much more than a job, it is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that draws very passionate people who give their all, day in and day out to provide guests with amazing wilderness experiences.  As we watch our guides grow and build lives of their own, it is so special to get to celebrate their successes, support them in their dreams, and to see our river family grow.  As they say, it takes a village and we love being able to help and support each other any way we can.  We have welcomed many new spouses and “river babies” (some aren’t babies any more) into the family over the years and this one is another big one. Our river family is growing and expanding even more with two more weddings and four awesome kids!  We feel beyond blessed to welcome them into this special kind of family and community.

– Kelsey Helfrich  

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