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Kris Belozer

Kris Belozer Middle Fork Salmon IdahoKris BelozerKris Belozer is one of the newer members of the Helfrich Outfitters Team but his boating skills and experience are much greater than his age would lead you to believe. Kris is an accomplished drift boater, fishing guide, rafting guide and whitewater kayaker. Growing up as the son of a river outfitter, Kris leaned the art of boating and guiding at a young age. At 9 Kris started running a baggage boat on the Deschutes River and once he was 18 he started his guiding career. Kris works with his dad Jon Belozer at Belozerís Whitewater Fishing on the upper and lower Deschutes River in Oregon. Kris started working with the HRO crew in 2011 and is on the fall Rogue steelhead fishing crew. He also guides for HRO on the Main Salmon and Middle Fork of the Salmon in the summers.

When Kris is not guiding, he will be found either snowboarding or kayaking waterfalls and exploring new whitewater sections. Kris isn't afraid to travel to find his next adventure.  His latest excursion took him on a kayaking waterfall tour around Chile.  These stories and many more make a day in the boat with Kris very entertaining. 

Kris is known to make some daring moves in his kayak but is a smart and safe river guide with guests.