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Kevin Hawkins

Kevin HawkinsKevin Hawkins has been a dedicated part of the HRO team and Helfrich Family since 2004.  A favorite among guests, Kevin's energy, sense of humor and quick smile makes a wonderful part of our crew. Kevin was promoted to manager of our Rogue River operation beginning in 2014 and has proven himself up to the challenge.  
Kevin met Kelsey and the Helfrich family while he and Helfrich Guide Kevin Hawkins in Mule Creek CanyonKelsey were going to school at Oregon State University. They had the same major, Recreation Resource Management, and spent all four years of college attending every class together. Both will tell you that they couldn't have made it through college on time, or have had as much fun, without each other.  From forestry classes to swing dancing, Kevin and Kelsey are a great team and could make any class or project fun.
Kevin is a full time guide for HRO and transfers around between rives throughout the river season.  Kevin spends his spring time running day fishing trips on the McKenzie River in Oregon before heading to Idaho for the summer.  Kevin works in Idaho on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River as a drift boat fishing guide with the occasional rafting trip mixed in.  He also spends part of his summer on the Lower Main Salmon River in August. For the fall season, Kevin is in charge of the Rogue River fishing operation. He is in charge of making each four-day steelhead fishing rip come off without a hitch.  
Kevin is a year-round guide, on and off the water.  When he's not in his boat or telling stories to our customers, you are most likely to find Kevin with his bird dog "Hardy" chasing upland game birds or elk hunting in eastern Oregon. If not that, he has likely traded in his drift boat for his jet sled and a fishing rod himself and be experimenting with new ways to deceive salmon and steelhead on Oregon's coastal rivers and the Columbia.

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or world travelled angler, Beaver or Duck fan; Kevin's knowledge, patience, and love of fun will ensure you get what you are looking for out of a day in his boat.

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